in awe over the power of God moving through his body!

This guy from Syria got healed in his back & in awe over the power of God moving through his body!

Healed knee after many years of pain!

This woman from Syria in awe over the sign preformed on her during on of healing services. Jesus healed her knee after many years of pain!

Back pain gone

I will never forget this Saturday Night Church! The atmosphere was electric and this Syrian man was one of many testifying of feeling the power of God go through him. He came with pain in his body and left without it Glory to Jesus!

Elbow and leg healed

This precious man from Iran broke his elbow and got a fractured leg 4 years ago and struggled with pain. In one of our Saturday Night Church services he got gloriously healed! thank you Jesus!

Girl from Iraq testifies that her toothache is gone

Last Saturday Night Church we had such a beautiful time in His presence Many testified of feeling Gods power and love.
This little girl who came with her mom and little brother got a beautiful miracle after that another man from Iraq got instantly healed in his tooth. She wanted to get prayed for and
she testified of feeling God and all pain was Gone. Glory to God!

The healing of a critic

A 10 year old miracle in repeat.
During our last Saturday Night Church service. I came to the service without having much of a message in me. But what I had was all I needed. Earlier that day while I was waiting on the Lord I was taken back to a miracle that happened almost 10 years ago. It was during a food distribution in San Antonio, Texas. I preached Jesus to a crowd on the street waiting for groceries. In the crowd were a woman who during my proclamation of the Gospel started to questioning the message about Jesus. I answered her polite and continued preaching. During the preaching the power of God started falling and people were getting healed and saved. I could feel such love from the Father to the woman who "heckled" me some minutes before. I put my a hand on her and felt the power of God started manifesting. A week later she came to me testifying that she had suffered with rheumathory arthritis for long time. That morning a week earlier she had been such a critic to what we were doing. But when she got up from her chair she became amazed that the pain was gone and the mobility she had received. a whole week she had been running stairs and doing things that she couldn't do under the previous condition.

Elijah Challenge

As I shared this testimony and a short presentation of the Gospel during our healing service the 6 September 2014. A little
group of the visiting muslims started to questioning the message about Jesus being the Son of God. I politely told the that
this message has to be confirmed by a sign and a wonder. I asked if anyone suffered with arthritis. And one of the critics stepped forward and explained that he have had this arthritis for 10 years and he showed the crowd in how pain he was by twisting his leg a little bit. I would not encourage anyone to do what I did next. But there is something that happens to you when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are sent by God. I said that if nothing happens with this man tonight you can call me a false prophet and throw me out this building (with a smile on my lips). But if God preforms a miracle on this man who is not a believer in what I preach about Jesus. You have to ask yourself, does God confirm a false message? No, this is the truth! I took the man by the hand and gently told the arthritis to leave in the name of Jesus.
This precious muslim man got instantly healed and were very glad. Glory to God!

8 years of chronic pain gone
That same night an Iranian woman instantly got healed of 8 years of chronic pain in her legs. She told me that she were a nurse in Iran and had probably tried it all in the health care system to get pain free. But Jesus preformed such a sign and a wonder on her that she was speachless for a couple of minutes as tears streaming from her eyes. I love to see people getting touched like this it makes them know that God really loves them and that Jesus really is risen from the dead.

/Jonatan Svensson

Saturday Night Church