The healing of a critic

A 10 year old miracle in repeat.
During our last Saturday Night Church service. I came to the service without having much of a message in me. But what I had was all I needed. Earlier that day while I was waiting on the Lord I was taken back to a miracle that happened almost 10 years ago. It was during a food distribution in San Antonio, Texas. I preached Jesus to a crowd on the street waiting for groceries. In the crowd were a woman who during my proclamation of the Gospel started to questioning the message about Jesus. I answered her polite and continued preaching. During the preaching the power of God started falling and people were getting healed and saved. I could feel such love from the Father to the woman who "heckled" me some minutes before. I put my a hand on her and felt the power of God started manifesting. A week later she came to me testifying that she had suffered with rheumathory arthritis for long time. That morning a week earlier she had been such a critic to what we were doing. But when she got up from her chair she became amazed that the pain was gone and the mobility she had received. a whole week she had been running stairs and doing things that she couldn't do under the previous condition.

Elijah Challenge

As I shared this testimony and a short presentation of the Gospel during our healing service the 6 September 2014. A little
group of the visiting muslims started to questioning the message about Jesus being the Son of God. I politely told the that
this message has to be confirmed by a sign and a wonder. I asked if anyone suffered with arthritis. And one of the critics stepped forward and explained that he have had this arthritis for 10 years and he showed the crowd in how pain he was by twisting his leg a little bit. I would not encourage anyone to do what I did next. But there is something that happens to you when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are sent by God. I said that if nothing happens with this man tonight you can call me a false prophet and throw me out this building (with a smile on my lips). But if God preforms a miracle on this man who is not a believer in what I preach about Jesus. You have to ask yourself, does God confirm a false message? No, this is the truth! I took the man by the hand and gently told the arthritis to leave in the name of Jesus.
This precious muslim man got instantly healed and were very glad. Glory to God!

8 years of chronic pain gone
That same night an Iranian woman instantly got healed of 8 years of chronic pain in her legs. She told me that she were a nurse in Iran and had probably tried it all in the health care system to get pain free. But Jesus preformed such a sign and a wonder on her that she was speachless for a couple of minutes as tears streaming from her eyes. I love to see people getting touched like this it makes them know that God really loves them and that Jesus really is risen from the dead.

/Jonatan Svensson

The evolution of a testimony

It was during breakfast at our friend’s house. When I received a word of knowledge concerning a left knee getting healed. Me and my wife and our children were visiting San Antonio, Texas in the month of June 2012. This morning we were scheduled to visit one of the food distributions that we started many years earlier. We had been there two weeks earlier and saw the Lord do an explosion of miracles as I briefly shared about the miracles the Lord had done in that place 5 years earlier.

Now after sharing some testimonies and proclaiming "The kingdom is here" I released the word that God is healing left knees right now. What happened next was amazing two ladies testified of instant healing with out anybody laying hand on them. One of the ladies heard and felt a "Pop" in her injured left knee and testified thrilled about the Lords touch.

A year later.
I got the impression to show the video on the two ladies getting healed in left knees during our Saturday Night Church, healing service. Little did I know that Carolina, a young lady was in the service that night. Who had injured hear left knee two years earlier. She had been operated and was limited in what she could do. She was in pain and couldn’t run or be on her knees playing with her child. While hearing and seeing the healing of the ladies in America a year earlier she felt the power of God and the pain went away that night. Now she can do everything she couldn’t do before, glory to God! She later testified that it feels that the former bad knee received two new muscles!

A couple of months later.
As Carolina shared her amazing testimony, at our Saturday Night healing service. Another lady with a similar issue in her knee wanted Carolina to pray for her. Lo and behold the power of God instantly healed the lady who tried it out right away by running the stairs at our church. With no pain!!

Just last week.
After a Saturday Night Church healing service I sat a table and listing to couple from Macedonia as the shared their story. When I got the impression that the wife was in need of a healing. And guess what her problem was, an injured left knee! I called the lady who could now run the stairs and Carolina and they prayed for her right there and then and the lady got so amazed!! She tried to cover with her hands the smile from ear to ear as she was looking for the pain. But she couldn’t find it! Jesus took it!

Share your stories of God interventions and expect the power of God to show up and touch people under the sound of your voice.
Be bold and pray for peoples needs!
With love,
Jonatan Svensson

Saturday Night Church


The kingdom of God is here!

I'm just in awe of all the wonders of heaven that is happening. The Spirit of God has given me new boost of faith
when it comes to believing that the kingdom of God is here NOW!

Let me start out by giving you an update on the healing services and ministry to the refugees.
There is so many getting touched that it is hard to keep count of them all.
we have had broken ribs getting healed, Ischia, knees, backs, broken leg, elbows, feet injuries, one guy who got stabbed
in both his legs got healed, stomach issues, matrix issues, arthritis, partial blindness and so many giving account of feeling the tangible touch of the Holy Spirit. In every service people responds to the Gospel.

Now we have had a little well needed summer brake but I can't wait to get back in the "Saddle" ride into new adventures with the Lord. I hear the Spirit of God saying that there is greater things than these awaiting us.

The greater works is upon us and our Father is waiting for us to place a demand of the resources of the Kingdom.
I feel such faith in my heart as I'm writing this under the unction of the Holy Spirit!
TAKE IT BY FORCE!! The kingdom is yours and it is so available and attainable!!
Where are those who would just take it and run with the power of God to a lost and dying world?
C'mon Church arise and shine!! The kingdom is ours and He has asked us to say kingdom come over any situation that Heaven would be manifested in this earth arena.

The Lord is with You!

/Jonatan Svensson

Uppmärksammade i tidningen världen idag


Saturday Night Church update

Since the Lord spoke to us we have had the following nations visit us for Saturday Night Church.


The word becoming flesh
After God gave me and my wife the impression and desire to minister to refugees we stumbled upon this refugee hostel and felt God's presence as we prayed about this being the place we had been looking for. Two weeks later we stepped into the refugee hostel and God opened doors of favor and confirmed the first visit with a miracle of healing. Now by the grace of God we have taken over 420 people from nineteen nations from a near by refugee hostel. The majority of them are muslims.
Every time we gather for this Saturday Night Church God preforms mighty miracles of all kinds as a testimony to the Message of Jesus being the Son of God and the only way to find peace with God. Every Saturday Night Church there is people responding to invitation of Salvation.
There have also been many visitors from different churches and people that have no church they can call their home.

Season of signs & wonders
Ever since God spoke at the end of 2011 to us about a "SEASON OF SIGNS AND WONDERS" which led us to start what we then called "Season of signs and wonders gathering".
These gatherings are now called Saturday Night church. Looking back at these two years of meetings I can only say God has gone beyond our imagination and poured out so much of His Spirit confirming Word with signs and wonders of all kinds. But yet it is only the beginning of something greater.

Help us help others
If you want to help us out financially.
Donations can be made to Elimförsamlingen Billdal
Plusgiro: 37 2933-2
Write in the message bar: Saturday Night Church

With Love,
Jonatan Svensson

Saturday Night Church update


If you are visiting the greater Gothenburg area I would strongly encourage you to come out and join us
for our saturday night church services. There are so many miracle happening right now and we believe that we are walking in a season of signs and wonders. Bring the sick and the afflicted! The grace and power of God is sufficient for all.

/Jonatan Svensson

Entering a realm of authority

The last months I've sensed that there is something about the church coming into a place of authority.
The Spirit of God is amplifying some scriptures that I want to share with you.

We are seated with Christ in heavenly places.
Ephesians 2:6 "...and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus"

Right now we are seated with Christ on the Fathers right hand. Yes, we are walking the earth but at the same time we are in Christ seated with him in a place of authority! The Spirit of God wants to elevate us into the consciousness of being seated with Christ. He wants to take our heart and place it in the elevator of heaven bring it up to the "penthouse suite " if you will!! The place where our consciousness is flooded with the realities of heaven and our position with him right next to our heavenly Father.

A door standing open in heaven.
Rev 4:1 "After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, "Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this."

The door is still open and the call is still, "come up here." Jesus has opened the door for us to come boldly to the throne of grace.
The call is still come up here and hear what I'm speaking to my church. There is an invitation right now to have more heavenly experiences and and there is something about entering the courts of heaven and hearing and seeing the decrees coming from the throne of God. There is lightnings and thunders going out from the throne and we are invited to declare and decree on earth what we hear and see from the heavenly courts.

Declaring and decreeing out of the Heavenly courts.
Instead of praying to heaven He is taking us to a place where we are praying out of heaven.
Jesus walked in an intimate relationship with the Father. He ascended in the Spirit realm to the heavenly courts of his Father to receive instructions what to do. He was doing ministry from the heavenly courts. Jesus said in John 3:13 "
No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of man who is in heaven."
Jesus the firstborn among many brothers is saying after he came to earth he has ascended and is in heaven, yet while he was walking the earth.
Think about it. That explains John 5:19
"...The Son can do nothing of Himself but what He sees the Father does..."
Jesus were in heaven seeing what His Father was doing, getting hold of the agenda of the God Head. That is why He didn't sweet when Lazarus had been dead for four days. He was with the Father and he prayed out loud John 11:41
"Father I know that you always hear me when I pray" Was with the Father in the heavenly courts. He then goes to declare what His Father was saying: "LAZARUS COME FOURTH" He had already seen it and now he was doing what He had seen with the Father.
The Spirit of God is taking us into this realm now. By grace the Jesus has opened a door and called us to come up to the courts of heaven.

Heaven is open over the body of Christ.
John 1:51 "Hereafter you shall see heaven open and angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man."
Now we are the body of Christ and heaven is open, the heavenly realm is accessible. Jesus is Jacobs ladder if you will.


In his Love,
Jonatan Svensson

Saturday Night Church


We are in a season of signs and wonders

In the 4th quarter of 2011 the word of the Lord came to me during a Sunday morning service in my home church
in Billdal, Sweden. We had some missionaries visit us this particular Sunday and my first impression were that the word were for them.

I spoke with them after the service and gave them the word. As I did I could feel the prophetic anointing shooting in me!
and I realized that the word was not only for them but for Sweden. The word that I got was:
Me and my wife saw a tremendous increase of the miraculous in 2012. The first quarter of 2013 have been out of the box in my personal life and ministry and I believe the Father is doing it all over our nation. The recent New wine leaders conference with Randy Clark is just an example. The Father is imparting of himself in His people for great exploits.
I believe the Lord wants to do signs in heavens and wonders on the earth there is more to this word than just the healing of the sick.

There is so much more the Father wants to manifest in the earth today. Get ready there are signs coming and there are wonders coming that will blow your mind!!

We are truly in a season of God and I'm writing this to you that have not entered into what God is doing according to His agenda. Its time for you to catch this wave my friend!!

In His Love,
Jonatan Svensson

Salvations & Healing

We are truly in the season of signs & wonders! Our Father is demonstrating His mighty love to a lost and dying world by miracles. This last gathering we had 75 in attendance and 35 of them were there for the first time. (the 35 from a refugee hostel) Proclamation & demonstration of Father's love I preached a short message on the miracle done in Jesus name at the gate beautiful. Then it was time for DEMONSTRATION. I was led to a little lady who suffered with arthritis, we both felt the touch of God and the Spirit working in her. We took a walk around the church sanctuary and she testified of being healed!! Then another lady who had arthritis got prayed for and got soaked in the Spirit of God! She could later lift her arm that were frozen due to the arthritis. She later testified of how she came back to Christ that night and was filled with the Spirit! A couple who could not receive children asked for prayer after seeing their friend sitting next to them healed of a knee injury. After prayer they later told me that she had some problem with her shoulder that were gone now'! To make a long story short one lady on dialysis got touched and one with a stomach problem felt the Spirit remodeling something on the inside of her. One lady with chronicle headache after a brain operation testified of being healed...... All about the harvest! All the signs and wonders is there to guide people into a living faith in Jesus Christ. That night we had approximately 7 precious people responding to the call to salvation!!! In His love, Jonatan Svensson

The presence of the Lord was present to heal


We had such a good time at the season of signs & wonders gathering this last Saturday.
John Derneborg pastor in Vänersborg, Sweden and one of the leaders of the New wine movement in Sweden
visited us. Peter Bergstrand with team was leading us in wonderful worship.

John shared on the subject of the Kingdom of God in relations to see demonstrations of physical healing.
He shared so many tangible testimonies of healing and miracles in Sweden today. My God there is so much happening
behind the scenes. We really need to let our light shine for real and share with all we meet the wonders of the Lord.

John had us wait on the Lord t receive words of knowledge and then share them to see who related to the words.
Then it was time for the everyone to find someone to pray for and command healing to manifest.

As we did The Lord started working and around 5-6 people confirmed that healing was accruing.
I will share later what actually happened. Many people with hearing loss or some other issues with the ears were
witnessing of improvments.

During the worship in the end of the meeting there was such an atmosphere of healing. My body was going num under the unction!
A woman in the church was witnessing that during worship her hearing improved greatly.

Father we ask you for more of your manifest presence in our lives.

Next gathering will be in January the exact date will be announced.
Jonatan Svensson

The revelation of Father will give birth to a generation of sons

I strongly believe that the time is ripe for Sweden to enter into the revelation of Father.
There is such a need among people both in and outside the body of Christ to enter into the Fathers embrace and to encounter their heavenly Father. My experience is that there is an orphan spirit among many of the children of God. Many have encountered Jesus their savior and have an intellectual understanding of God the Father but has not yet had an experience of his unconditional love and entered in to identity as sons of their heavenly Father. The Father longs for us to relate to him through Christ and that we would be established in His love towards us. The Father is looking for a generation of sons and daughters who will manifests His love and demonstrates His kingdom.

The Father longs for us to enter into our true identity as the sons of God and that we would reach full maturity in love to the point where we manifest our heavenly Father's nature in this earth arena.

I had my first encounter with Father in 2002 and since then I have shared the growing revelation on the subject of relating to our heavenly Father, His love and our identity as sons of God. But first now 2012 I both sense and see the signs of that the we are entering a time when the Father revelation will grow in Sweden and it will give birth to a generation of sons. The identity as son is not a gender issue but to be a son has to do with; "...that we might receive the adoption of sons. (Galatians 4:5) it has to do with position, inheritance and maturity in love. Accordning to Matthew 5:44-48. We are the sons of God if we love like God loves. With other words, if we manifest our heavenly Father's nature then we have reached maturity in His love and can be called sons of God. there is a difference between child of God and son of God in maturity level. I will not go into that now maybe later.

Father we thank you for what you are doing in our nation today. We bless what you are doing in the earth and we say; Father in heaven hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

In His Love,
Jonatan Svensson


Word study

Son 5207 hyiós – properly, a son (by birth or adoption); (figuratively) anyone sharing the same nature as their Father. Son 5207 /hyiós ("son") emphasizes likeness of the believer to the heavenly Father, i.e. resembling His character more and more by living in faith
Son 5207 /hyiós ("son") highlights the (legal) right to the Father's inheritance, i.e. as the believer lives in conformity with the Father's nature (purpose).

Embodying the message

In the first teaching on the prophetic life I shared the revelation the Lord gave me when it came to the story of Joseph. The life of Joseph was the embodiment of the life of Christ. With other words Joseph was a prophet that manifested the message through all he went through, his life became the prophetic word of the coming Christ and what he would go through. Joseph life journey has inspired and encouragement many of us. You see his biography is until this day a prophetic encouragement to us and the Spirit is still using his life journey to give comfort and revelation about the high ways of God our Father.

Embodying the message.
I’m starting to understand and grasp that our very lives are being used by God to speak a message. I’m one of those people that loves to read and hear about life journeys. Not just the victories but the hard times and the troubled times too. Many times the Lord has used somebodies life Journey to speak a message to me.

What am I saying? We have to realize that prophecy is not just instant revelation or the flow of words. It is so much more to prophecy and being a prophetic person. I believe strongly in that God takes us through things and make our history a word of prophecy or a prophetic example to somebody else.

Your life becomes the message.
The Lord has showed me that what He has done with me so far and my personal testimonies of His touch and restoration is a prophetic word that He assigned me to prophecy. It has been amazing so far to see what kind of demonstrations the Father has preformed as I have shared my stories of the touch of God. Its like the very testimonies are prophetic words of invitation to have the same experience and the same tangible touch from the Father.

The Forerunners.
Some of us is called to pave the way for others to walk in. We are examples of what God is going to do and what he wants to do in many others. The forerunners is often before their time in manifesting what God will do in the future. We have to recognize these examples God is raising up in these times. Without becoming envious or start competing with those prophetic lives that God is raising up to be examples of what the Father wants to do in a whole new generation. They are only examples to us and they are prophetic messages to us, living letters if you will from the Father showing us what he wants us to enter into.

The revealing of the Sons of God.
In these days the Revelation of the Fatherhood of God is being released over the church and he is wanting us to receive this revelation in order to enter into the Sonship and growing into perfection of LOVE, just as our Father is Perfect. The world is waiting on the revealing of the Sons of God. A Son of God is somebody who has reached "full age." Sons manifests their Heavenly Fathers nature in the earth arena. They are walking in the same union Jesus the first born had with the Father. Now we are being transformed into the image of His Son, the first born among many brothers. (Rom 8:29)

Jesus Was the first born and the forerunner of a whole new generation. Let us look at Him and follow the Father just as He did.

"I only do what I see my Father do." /Jonatan Svensson

What a night!


Father we thank you for what you are doing in our midst!

This last Season of signs & wonders service
(Oct 6th) we had such a beautiful time. Father poured out of his love and the revelatory realm was so vivid. I believe lives were change this night as the God spoke to us. More Lord, more dippings in you love and revelations concerning our redeemed purpose.

I talk on the love of the Father and told my own story on how the Father visited me and how I became whole on the inside
(The Love of God casts out all fear 1John 4:18) I felt such unction on inner healing. I also shared on the our redeemed purpose written down by our heavenly Father in book of destiny before we were born (Psalms 139) As we are redeemed and makes Jesus our Shepherd. He begins to lead us in to our redeemed purpose.

There is so much on this subject that I may share another time...

Stay in His love!

You are my beloved son!


We had a wonderful time at the season of sign & wonders meeting the 22 of sept. The worship time was impregnated with the presence of the Lord.
The subject for the night were:
You are my Beloved Son! Here is a little excerpt of the message.

You are my Beloved Son!
When Jesus was baptized at the river Jordan something very significant happened.
The Spirit descended on him and the Father spoke from heaven YOUR ARE MY BELOVED SON, IN
WHOM I'M WELL PLEASED. What marvels me is that the Father is pleased with the Son before he had done any
of the Father's works. Before Jesus had healed anybody before he feed the multitudes before he had gone to the cross His Father said You are my Beloved Son And I'm well pleased with you!

The Father Himself loves you.
The Father is saying the same thing to you. You are my beloved Son and Daughter!! He loves you the same way and with the same intensity as He loved (the firstborn) Jesus. You are a son and daughter of God. You are born of God. You are co-heirs with Christ. You have been partakers of divine nature. Jesus said from now on I will not pray for you for the
Father himself loves you. ( John 16) we can know the to believe the love

We are Love letters.

As a young lady impregnates a love letter with perfume. In the same way your heavenly Father wants to impregnate you with His tangible love.
So we don't mainly meet people with words of His love but we carry the very fragrance of His Love in us and through us.

And many other things...

Season of signs & wonders


September the 22 th we continue with Season of signs & wonders gatherings at (Billdals Pingstkyrka) .
We are exited to experience what God will do with us and through us during this fall.
There has been some notable miracles of healing during these meetings and we are
expecting more of a breakthrough with the healing ministry so don’t hesitate to bring
the sick and needy. We pray for the sick every service.
Peter Bergstrand will lead us in worship.
All ministry will be done in Swedish.

For more info and driving directions etc please
click here

I hope to see you there
Jonatan Svensson.

Kingdom Now

During our trip to Texas I have had this word in me ”KINGDOM NOW” And as I have prayed over it I have felt that the Father
wanted to teach me something when it comes to moving in the Kingdom realm or demonstrating the Kingdom of God.
When Jesus taught us to pray he said address your Father in heaven and ask him that His kingdom shall come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
(Matthew 6:9-10)

On earth as it is in Heaven.
I believe that there is a pressure from heaven to manifest itself on the earth. We ought to pray down heaven and proclaim that the kingdom of God is here. In these last meetings in San Antonio Tx, I Proclaimed that The kingdom of God is here NOW and the kingdom came. In the last meeting
there were so many miracles that I can’t recall them all. A young guy got soaked in the healing anointing and testified of the healing in his injured knees. One lady who were in terrible pain during the service received a tangible touch from God and became pain free. Another lady who had have problem and pain in her back due to an injection during child labor 43 years ago got instantly healed by the power of God and many other back issues got healed as well. When we proclaim that the kingdom is here NOW we can expect heaven on earth. There is no sickness and pain in heaven there is no lack or torment in heaven.

Heal the Sick
Matthew 10:7 ...Preach, saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely you have received, freely give.
Its simple first we proclaim that the kingdom of God is here then we demonstrate (healing the sick) the Kingdom.
I feel that Father is giving me more faith on the area of demonstrating the Kingdom of God. And my prayer and longing is that the God would raise up a new breed of Sons and Daughters who walks filled with Love and great power, demonstrating the Kingdom of God in this nation and beyond.

Come and be empowered and equipped
If you have opportunity to join us for the monthly Season of signs & wonders meeting I would encourage you come and be apart of what God is doing.
He spoke to me about a season of signs and wonders and now we are seeing it happening in our meetings but there is more and greater dippings in the Spirit of God ahead of us.