Love Revival tv on air launching July 7, 6.30 pm

Our weekly broadcast is going to start airing the July 7th
The first 15 weeks we will have 3 guest visit the studio and share their lives and ministry with us.
The launching guest will be no other than Anita Barker Andersen, John Derneborg and Hans Wolfbrandt.
You will be able to watch the channel Vision Sverige on the embedded link below.

Air time: Thursdays 6.30pm Stockholm, Swedish time.
And the rerun will air Saturdays 11:30 pm

You can watch via satilite ViaSat channel 204
Or online at

This autumn all the programs will be on demand at the same web page.

Pictures from the set of LoveRevival Tv

On set with Hans Wolfbrandt, John Derneborg and Anita Barker Andersen. You don't want to miss the coming episodes which will air on Tv Vision Sverige in the month of July. And then later on the video on demand function in late august.

Live on tv visjon norge


Guest on live Norwigian christian tv - Visjon norge

Guested studio direkte on Visjon Norge a live program that reaches all of Scandinavia.
29 minutes in the video me and Anita Barker gusted the show.

Recording upcoming programs for the satilite channel Vision sverige

Some exciting news is that we will record some upcoming programs for the Swedish christian channel Vision Sverige. We have already secured some prominent guests who will share on what God is doing in Sweden. Later this autumn we will go live 2 times month on the same channel.

Man from Syria healed during Saturday Night Church

IMG_6182 (2)
This precious man came limping on one of his legs but Jesus preformed a miracle on his knee! No more limping no more pain!!

Att följa Jesus är att göra vad Jesus gjorde.