New year, new baby, new city, new house & new adventures

During the month of december me and the family moved to our new house in the city of Uddevalla. At the same time my wife delivered our 4th child (a baby girl) And we took over the house that we bought. Many transitions at the same time!! We are so excited about what the Lord is doing right now, sometimes we don't have the full vision of what God is about to do but this move and transition we are in right now carries a lot of supernatural peace that surpasses all understanding. I guess some of you that read this are already following us on periscope and gets all the updates and etc. If not I would like to encourage you to get periscope since it's the social media that we use the most right now for inspiration reports and ministry. It never gets old when we are experiencing the anointing flow and touch people watching live from the other side of the earth.

Bless for now!
/Jonatan Svensson